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  1. Don't worry been cooking up some good stuff. You guys going to beg to use benchmate when we are done 😀😀
  2. $200 shipped usa Board is perfect. Coated in dielectric grease. Includes tray of cpus. Should have some winners.
  3. Bottom slot is chipset pch top is cpu direct. Was going to suggest swapping the nvme up or down. Good idea
  4. Was going to mess with vanatge and 11 after but forgot I had 7740x installed
  5. Which slot is nvme drive in? the mobo is stock as in clear cmos nothing changed stock? Can you try turning pbo off and just fixed speed 4000 1.3vcore and see if remedied.
  6. Sorry if you write me questions I don't know the answer to and guy above you asks what your PayPal address is what should I do 😅😅
  7. had 3 instances open 2 with 32B and 1with 1B so I could start 32B soon as 1B done could manage about -75 loaded this way
  8. Points when Team USA wins will be reset on January 1 correct? AKA this is not a good get rich quick scheme hwbpoint wise?
  9. could be its not the ram ? NVME M2 or Sata drive? Full specs of PC please.
  10. Bought these from Pepinorang when he quit. never ran them, rather someone else enjoy. If they dont perform as stated I will refund you in full. X4 965 " Ex-WR CPU, 6.9G Ln2, Retail" $75 shipped USA 5800K " Ex-WR CPU, 7.08G LN2 1M, Retail" (not sure which is the good one so you get both) $75 shipped USA $125 shipped for both USA
  11. F1 EE $100 shipped usa Venom with threaded holes $175 shipped usa
  12. Funny card! Can run Full pot but loading screens between tests needs -139 so I use my torch alot . The memory on this card is just crazy 😲
  13. awesome prices good luck with sale
  14. Alex just disable the 2.9 points you are getting for this and you can literally murder small children with no punishment if you choose that box
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