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  1. https://shop.bitspower.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=7855
  2. Man idk what was going on with gpupi, 6075 no go maybe the mount was stressed too long... Ran out of ln2 finally pickup more next week have a nice weekend guys
  3. I mean isn't that what the current 2d list is already?
  4. What if patreon was $10 a month, and you got 20 tokens to vote towards the benches you wanted to have points.. Get creative with the marketing?
  5. for geek3 3.1.5 not allowed anymore for 7350/7740k damage on intel? HPET enabled for x265 (some platforms dont have a nag screen intel tsc etc) Ycruncher you should include a screen for the benchmate haters, showing hwbot launcher with HPET :: OK showing in it Looks good otherwise 3d Boost clock in gpuz is good idea. obviously goes up and down but more info the better. Makes it harder to cheat at legacy 3d.
  6. What platform? What cpu and memory settings? Try stock and if it passes your oc is not stable here.
  7. Wow is pcmark10 really $30? EDIT: Alright I'll be the guy that complains then. 2D is gutted, r15 gone is like the superpi32m of multi threaded benches. how could this have even have been considered? wprime is next? it might be the most full out non mem influenced 2d bench we had full cpu horsepower. what we have it its place is y-cruncher which is fine, its not a cpu bench really its a cache/memory bench. AVX is so heavily influential a 10 core intel x299 processor at stock beats a 16 core amd one on ln2. Its worth literally nothing 70 points for gold yet its more popular than
  8. I would think AMD + newer than windows 7 needs benchmate correct? thx
  9. Awesome same exact experience here. @Rauf yes exactly right
  10. questions: 1. When do you think the point recalculation will be started and or done? 2. Is 3D GPUPI3.3 and 2D GPUPI3.2 an oversight? Why would you mix the versions?
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