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  1. check 7740/7700 and 7350k scores all top scores are sub 1.5gb also not talking just memory score high which is easy to see, its more so when some CPU test subs are high. keep it more succinct between the two geek benches that get global was more of the point, not that one is worse than the other.
  2. Can we add a rule that you have to have at minimum 2gb's of memory available in the bench window? There is a reason to run low memory available, its to trick the bench. At this point maybe its irrelevant and time to use newer version of the bench.
  3. Selling CPU and retail box $1000 shipped USA + $30 international tracked paypal friends preferred. It's a great chip, better than any ES I tried and I tried a lot haha EDIT: pic corrupt will reupload asap
  4. Im not good at this stuff, lets ban it 😅
  5. im not sure on asrock you just type the number in you want
  6. Old school Trident Dual Rank "A0" style PCB is flying. If you have any old dual rank b-die its worth trying. Smashes my ripjaws and royal 4000c16 sets. Possible that its coincidence but not probable. Gear 1 needs binned to max out. 2 out 12 CPUs I have can do 4000 12-11, only one can do tras under 28. Some wont even train 3800 12-11.
  7. 50/48 4000mhz 12-11-11-18-180 SR 5min04.922 12-11-11-28-280 DR 5min04.422
  8. Dual rank seems very odd. Seems like 4800mhz vs 5000mhz cache is less than .125s where single rank is considerably more. anyone else seeing similar?
  9. 32M is a blast on rocket lake! Thought we could compile some tips to get everyone started. Feel free to add yours and I will quote you in the OP Gear 1 Mode necessary duh TRAS no longer limited to 28 go as low as you can. 16-17 should be ok to 4k mhz You need blast the SA voltage 1.55-1.65 all day VCCIO_M on the other hand doesn't need Z490 levels 1.35/1.45 has not limited in any way. wazza doesnt help much, maybe 1 second. unlike other gens you can pretty much just torque each timing as low as it will go and see a benefit RTL you can try Relaxing channe
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