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  1. ^^ yes not enough mem or too high mesh will make things broken, also sometimes not enough input voltage
  2. hey mate, what board and CPU are you on. And what benchmark you shooting for as that will determine if you want coupled mode or high freq.
  3. WB edition is nice for OC, since you dont have 2 million screws to remove like air cooler Elmor is working hard on a direct voltage control for 6900XT fingers crossed if you dont have an EVC yet def grab one.
  4. Im pretty sure Ln2 switch does nothing, only there because ASUS has one
  5. I think the idea of allowing hwinfo is interesting as well.
  6. What do you guys say about when you can finish a threaded benchmark, and then cpuz crashes your score? Or 5 minutes of pi then cpuz wont open? How is that fair to the bencher that is doing all the tweaks and days of pretesting to be killed by the validation software? We like to use metaphors here so that would be ummm like Usain Bolt beating the 100m dash record but sorry one the judges was taking a piss so it doesnt count. Better luck next olympics.
  7. I mean how can you cheat benchmate though? There is an actual file with all the info in it as well as the screen. You know we will catch the cheaters it's my favorite pastime here
  8. Do we know where cpuz will be in two years? If I recall the latest comps both had issues with cpuz? I can get you cheap eyewear if it's too small to see 😬😬
  9. Well said. Leave legacy alone, new stuff choice is up to user if they use benchmate alone or with cpuz. Score subject to review by mod either way if out of line. Should be nice to not have to delete any new users scores lol.
  10. ^ I wanted that to be done, especially if score is in line with others. But alas, here we are.
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