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i-Ram Gigabyte problem

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Hi there.

I have brand new Gigabyte i-Ram :



when boot win xp or vista from cd the only info appeared :

win xp

cd boot:couldn't find NTLDR


cd boot:couldn't find BOOTMGR


this might be the problem with boot loader but I can't find any solution :(

the bios recognized the i-Ram and the device manager in vista


in my computer the i-Ram is not visible


motherboard-asus rampage extreme 2 x58


any help pls ? :)




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ok it seems I have bigger problem than I thought :(

I forgot to say that I have installed xp on different motherboard asus p5nd-sli with no issues(like I said)

it should works on rampage extreme 2 but I was wrong :9

is anyone here who has same i-ram on X58?

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hmm I cant install vista or win 7 because of the size-it's limited to max 4x1gb :(

it's the cheapest i-Ram I think





still no solution I have to install on different chipset and than reinstall the drivers on x58 :(


i'm working on tiny vista,we'll see...

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