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  1. Black screen bug, it's rather common. Please report any submissions you see with this condition, they will be moderated as time permits.
  2. Maxi

    Did you know ...

    hwbot, proving you're human one submission at a time.
  3. I don't think that's an IE glitch, it's normal behavior on first use of IE as I remember.
  4. one of the msi engineers tried to tell us too much vaseline killed our board @ moa
  5. Haha Do you guys have an office number? So I can call when I need my score fixed?
  6. Yeah crazy DCU2, 1.68 VGPU and swinging wildly, this woulda been even better without that going on.
  7. ^ *image not the topic, loosing people to this kind of thing isn't cool.
  8. You forgot to mention how it runs on F1, although I already pretty much know.
  9. Greece has the best CPU, 5800. Cards were in the mid 1500's, pretty sure no one broke 1600.
  10. mods good here also, card is finally into the 1500 range...on UD7
  11. I just flashed the BIOS, too much going on around here. Hope the Greeks can make it
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