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AwardFabrik GC 2009 Rampage!!!

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Hi all!


I just returned from a GREAT show in Cologne. GamesCom 2009 was just rockin' :nana: We brought up our news yesterday where you can see a lot images of the systems and how we benched. There was an amount of hardware that I couldn't imagine and it was just mindblowing.


AwardFabrik GameCom 2009 News


All of us took a system home and I just remarked I will need to learn PC Mark and Vantage to get TOP20 :P Too bad I can't have Mars Power but maybe some Nvidia Cards sooner or later ;)


Hardware (at least what I can remember ^^)

5x 975

5 or 6 Rampage II Extreme

several kits MUSHKIN REDLINE PC3- 15000

ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer

3x ASUS GTX 295 Mars

4x ASUS 285 GTX

a bunch of 4890's (maaaan I wish we could have figured out the CFX bug)

4-5x MUSHKIN Europe 2 / 60GB

4x TOPOWER 1100W

Vollkupfer-pots made by Otterauge GC Edition - godlike




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