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Multi card globals


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Hi guys,

I'd just thought I could maybe push this idea to you mads/admins. But as the current situation as to what is happening to the 3D scores I think it would be more interesting and more friendly to all the members here if we tried to split the SLi/Crossfire scores.

As you ask if we use 2x, 3x or 4x cards in the multi card of the 3D benchmarks we could maybe split the catagories to several global areas. I'm only asking for this as at the moment you either bench one card or four.! Dual or tripple is out of the question and everyone is just waiting for the dual core cards before they bench.

But if we split it, it may get guys to get better globals but ok the guys who have deep pockets get more points as they can bench the 3x's and 4x's for more globals but it' will make the multi card option more interesting.


Just banging an idea out there.


Dave :)

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