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Some results still not moderated


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Hi guys, I reported some results but still no validation or moderation.

Here they are:

HD4770, single card: 30k cpu score and a huge 70k gfx score: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=885113

Look at the gap between the first and the second... to me, it's a bugged run.


Then, HD4650 DDR3, single card: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=889820

GFX score impossibile, almost doubled the score from the second place, please take a look ;)


Thanks, bye!

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they're not cheats...look at the other scores with the same video cards....


That's exactly what I was doing... look at the 2nd place in 4650ddr3... 37k GFX score... sav has 70k, to me it's bugged.


As for the 4770...

Look at Mafio's (my team mate) score in cpu and gfx: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=902258

Then, look at Tin: http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=885113

5k Cpu score less with roughly the same cpu freq and 7/8K gfx score more than Mafio which has the vga clocked also at higher frequencies...

Even this is bugged according to us.. ;)

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Doesn't really look like cheats.


The tricky thing with AM3 is that the CPU and GFX scores are both affected by the GPU and CPU power, not seperately. You can check for yourself: your CPU score will go up if you use a low-end card (= less gpu power) even if the frequency is the same. I wouldn't rely on the subtest scores to call cheat.

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Hi pieter, except for tin's score that's quite possible, given the frequencies of cpu and vga and the similar final score...

but the one with 4650ddr3 from sav... same cpu freq, higher vga clocks ok but, double points? in our last overclocking event some AM3 runs were clearly bugged with impossible gfx scores, we didn't post them, but if you say not to rely on single cpu and gfx, then shall we post everything if the final score is next to the other results already posted?

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As for S_A_V's score, it might be a matter of comparing highly optimised scores to non-optimised scores. There's a difference on all levels in hardware configuration and probably also software optimisation (even drivers are different), so it's actually quite difficult to compare.


If the score's obviously bugged, please don't submit it, but if there's a difference in GFX/CPU score I wouldn't panic straight away. There is, by the way, also a difference between XP and Vista concerning the GFX scores. On Vista you can reach higher scores.

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Agreed, I have tested several time with my 4670 and 4890, for low end card 4670 will gain a lot of GFX score when pushing the clock higher, I think it is because CPU is not the bottomneck for such low-end card, so CPU score is lower, while 4890 score just like normal.


To make it more clear, it is not a cheat, I don't mind making video shot to prove the whole running process for other users to clarify.


Thanks! ^_^

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When my score was reported I added link to archive with aquamark files:


242005 on Windows XP and 253049 with Vista (with affinity tweak).

Both scores done at the same clocks, both not bugged and repeatable.

The only reason of high GPU score is vista.

Also I have 251351 in vista score with 40 MHz less clock on CPU.

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