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Need modded BIOS for suicide run


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Hi guys.


I need modded BIOS for my half-dead 990X, as I plan a suicide run with it to make it completely dead. :D


I said half-dead cause it does boot at higher voltages: set vCore and VTT to 1.45, saved, took out my 980X, put 990X and booted. :)


After few hours of testing, conclusion was that IMC is badly damaged and Cores are almost untouched. Core speeds of 4.8-5GHz were achieved at same voltages as before, but UnCore speed of 3.6GHz was barely stable at around 1.45V and 4GHz with almost 1.5V didn't boot, while it did at 1.375V before.

Then the board tried to help me with my bad overclock and reseted everything to default. :D C1. The fun was over. Back to 980X.


I would really appreciate if someone could mod BIOS F5C so it sets to vCore and VTT to 1.45 default.

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If it can't be used for more boints, why let it live?


I vote kill it. :)




Why would you want to kill a $1000 CPU?, just to kill it? Somtimes more voltage doesn't help.


It's already badly damaged, at least IMC, so there is no use for it other then to try to die as a hero bringing me some hwboints. :D


BTW, it's ES, so no RMA.

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