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3DMark 11 patch 1.0.3


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Just a heads up...


3DMark 11 version 1.0.3 release notes


* Bullet physics library updated to 2.79 in order to improve compatibility with current and future CPUs and GPUs

* Manual GPU Selection option now available on the Help-tab

* Updated SystemInfo module to version 4.6 with improved compatibility with current and future hardware

* Improved error handling and messages

* A new “More” tab with information about new Futuremark benchmarks

* Professional Edition activation now requires online key verification


SystemInfo Version 4.6 Release Notes


* Updated CPUID SDK

* Added new security measures against benchmark result file tampering

* Updated system scanning components to resolve reported compatibility issues with existing and future hardware




SystemInfo update that is included in this patch also applies to other benchmarks. It is available separately here




...and due to the second line of SystemInfo update notes, we strongly recommend that for any contests and toplist purposes, runs only with 3DMark 11 1.0.3 and SI 4.6 (or later) should be approved, effective immediately.


3DMark.com will also start rejecting submits from older versions in the near future (probably around mid-January, to give plenty of time for everyone to update). Hall of Fame will get picky sooner. The update also influences scores slightly but differences should be within margin of error (we're talking 1% differences) and the cause is the new Bullet physics library. Old scores are not invalidated but future contests should require the use of latest version to avoid issues related to this.


Also those who may have access to pre-release hardware; Yes, this update fixes the issues 3DMark 11 had with Ivy Bridge integrated GPU (that were actually problems with the Bullet physics library, hence the update).

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