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DFI P45 696MHz FSB


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I said I wouldn't, but here I am doing it any way: an F1-OC thread.


I'm really tired and not really satisfied about this session, so I might try the E8400 of Blind tomorrow if the board didn't die on me :)


VTT: 1.45 to 1.55V, didn't change that much in max FSB

VPLL: 1.95V

CPU: -85°C

NB: -45°C to -50°C; coldbug issues below -60°C


Most important settings for high FSB were:


NB GTL: 0.58x

CPU GTL: 0.63X / 0.65X

CPU0 skew: 200ps

CPU1 skew: 0ps


Some pictures:









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For reference a couple of questions I answered


ist that ram module capable of doing 750+ ?

for me looks like a first ballistix with D9GMH

FD5 istnt it?or FD3


i mean,not every ddr2 likes 750+

even GMH and GKX Chips arent equal

i am sure you knew that but i would Cool memory with aditional Fan too

and maybe 2.6VDimm+ Direction

and open the goddammed CAS6

why are you jamming your head at that wall


did you try another divider and lighter fsb to find out max ram takt?



696 is very good result either but for NB below zero and cpu too you should have beaten as minimum of 720


PCI VGA helps a lot :) great idea


Tried 4 sticks of memory that have all seen 650+ and all maxed out around 690MHz. I went up as high as 2.7V vdimm (with extra fan), but no luck in breaking the 700FSB so far.


CL6 memory timing doesn't boot :-/



Oh! And also, what BIOS version? I remember 725 being a winner, but also 8xx something was a killer


901 afaik


according to board,you need a lot more to deserve sauna :D may try different mabo-cpu..


I have one cpu here, I might give it a shot. Another board, naah, it's too late for that now.




Now show us your backup :)


We are Team Madshrimps and we have no backups per definition :D


maybe soon time to try the LT UT to see how it kicks FSB wise also


This is the only board I have for the F1-OC :P:


you make it sound as if 700fsb is bad man! :D

come on, cheer up! thats a great result! :D :toast:

if you can get it to 750, respect! :)


700 is good, 696 is bad :D


If that is one of my old Ballistix modules it


Tested two of your sticks and two Gskill F2-8000. Both sets booted at 680MHZ FSB


I should try higher multis too.


I tested, didn't make that much of a difference. Apparently the theory I was talking about was dismissed by it creators already.

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