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Videocard specifications requests : Divide 7600GT in 80nm and 90nm


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we don't have different stepping for CPUs either though ;)


Yes because it doesnt play a role, most of the time atleast. Common you even made a section for 140 tdp AMD Phenom II X4 965 and one for the 125 watt one! And here you cant even prove someone actually owns that piece of hardware. (thats why there are many duplicate entries in the sections)

Back to the 7600GT, the building process makes them (even physical) different hardware.

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Different process is a good reason for a split IMO. It's like comparing Conroe to Wolfdale if they have the same cache, and we don't do that... But it'll take forever to check all the 7600gt scores:p


(however, the difference in OC capability isn't very big, seems even 90nm can hit insane core speed under cold. On the other hand... the same is the case with 9800gtx and 9800gtx+, and they still got split. Consistency FTW!:))

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NVIDIA 9800GTX+ got a category because it's an actual product: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9800_gtx_plus_us.html :)


...so if the 80nm 7600gt had been called 7600gt+ it would've been separated from the rest? I thought this was about difference in performance/overclockability and not whatever name nvidia put on the sticker on the card.

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