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Please I would like to ask you a question.

Me and my husband (rbuass) have a lot of hardware, and i got better results than the previously posted to the hwbot Country Cup

I'm afraid to include the result because someone may think that we share the same hardware.

The only thing we share is the nitrogen and the hard disk that are clean (windows 7).

I got better results than those provided previously, but only posted the ones I have used different hardware (if the motherboard Asus M4A79T Deluxe)

I wonder if there is some problem in posting the results with similar hardware to my husband.

I do the isolation of my equipment and realize my own overclocking.

Of course, it helps me with his knowledge, but we compete (I against him) and I'm sure I will be able to overcome it.

If by chance the posting of this result cause risk, please disregard it and keep only those already sent with different hardware.

Forgive me for the failures of the English language.

Below are some photos showing that use different processors







My best result



ps had sent photos showing before we ever quite the same hardware at home.

How we live together, it is much easier to work together, but that does not mean that every one has not done his own work.

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Hi Fabi,


you do not have to worry, using the same platform except the CPU is allowed for 2D bences, and using the same platform except the VGA is ok for 3D benches. So there is no problem that you use the same motherboard as long as the CPU is different. And, most of the top teams will use pretty close hardware in order to be in top, so there is no worry about that.

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