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can we have a compare function like in futuremarks website?

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its not that...










user ----------------hc---------- | ------ KINGPIN-----| ------ massman

aqmk score----- 100,000pts ------|----- 423,000------ |--- 422,.000

gpu core ------- 800 mhz ------- | -------1200------- |---- 1100

gpu ram ---------1200 ----------- |----- 1350 -------|-----1250

mobo ----------- classified -------|--------- r2e-------| --- biostar

ram --------------- 3096-------|------- 6000 -------| -- 12000mb

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You're welcome RB... take it away...


But the idea here is good. Should be added to the wish-list for future possible implementation :)


Like a drop-down under the individual score where you can chose between your own scores (would probably need to show hardware in drop-down, not only score) in same benchmark and compare them side by side.

Will probably add a bit of load on the server tho, as it would need to cache a members scores quite often... There may be other and far better solutions, this was just an idea that came to me right now

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