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Benchmark Reported as Cheat

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I dont know whether its right for me to discuss it like this but can a Mod check this result of mine, no special tweaks used apart from ATT to lower graphic quality etc but no LOD tweaks as well.....So really nothing much to it, no bugs as well that I can really say happened during the run....Picture is in high quality as well, if needed will upload the original jpeg again......But please mod it soon, if needed will run the bench again but have sold the cards and they will be shipped on Saturday.



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Looks like I am not able to replicate the result.....Still attaching the 1920x1200 ss here for mods to check on any foul play which I can assure is not the case.....


Now at best I am getting a score of 23xx, still have the cards for a day, so would do more testing after coming back from office....



By thebanik

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hwbot resizes???
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