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Monstru - Core i7 870 @ 4800MHz - 20859 marks PCMark 2005


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The subtests are missing on the screenshot as far as i can see.


* use default PCMark settings

* have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show PCmark score, PCmark settings, processor in CPU-Z, GPU-Z, Subtest Scores (XP startup speed!), unless you have a valid futuremark ORB url

* have a valid futuremark orb link as verification for scores in the top 20


So rerun, and break 21k :)

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Mind the language...


We have this policy to allow results that are not out of the ordinary for the specific settings even if they are mising some tab or something like that. I we would NOT have that policy, half of the results on HWBot would be gone.


Yes I did not click the details button, I considered that a shit result and I didn't think it would last in Lynnfield top more then 1-2 weeks. If my results offends anyone so much, I can delete it.

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HWbot is about trust and sharing information; a score outside of TOP 20 which is in line with similar scores done with same hardware will not be scrutinized for every last inch and detail; the main purpose of all those validations is to help moderate when a score is out of line;


blocking for blocking sake is not what HWbot is about.


If that's the case, maybe you can unblock my blocked GF6800 score? Always wondered how a score that's 9/10 can get blocked because of missing resolution:p


link: http://hwbot.org/compare.do?resultId=690179


On topic: IMO that score shouldn't be blocked if it's not better than what you'd expect from an untweaked, similar system. However, someone once told me that mods should be expected to follow the rules much more strictly than other members... can't remember who that was, maybe Massman?

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