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Geforce 8400 GS G86 128/256/512

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I think there should be only one category for these cards :


8400 GS G86 128mb

8400 GS G86 256mb

8400 GS G86 512mb


The card has exactly same specification the only difference is the memory size which make no difference in performance. So what's the point to keep them all separated ?

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Hmm, I am looking at the rankings and I can't find the difference you talking about. Maybe the 256mb has a little bit better memory overclockability ....imo big mess... but you are the mod, it's up to you what changes will be made ;)

Another story is 8800GTS 320/640 ? Don't tell me that 640 is better than 320 and vice versa ? :rolleyes:

Thanks for answering.

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And I'm not sure, if they have comparable performence. 128MB of the 8400GS seem to limit the performence.


No difference mate ;)

I also have my scores in 3 categories 128/256/512 :D but now ? f..k it if you know what I mean ..


this will increase HWboints for the participants :)


Yes, indeed ;)

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no ;)

the variations were made so people could bench without much competition and earn quick points;)


8400 GS the GPU is the bottleneck, adding more memory doesn't increase performance

there are MANY categories, especially with lower and midrange cards, which need to be joined


this will increase HWboints for the participants :)


True, as long as the "no performance difference requirement" is followed strictly. There's no reason to join categories just to make them look more popular, either;) I'd say if the difference is less than 1-2% (when overclocked) then it's OK to merge ranks.

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