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TheKing - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1401/1902MHz - 41912 marks 3DMark06


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and you should shut up before you say an aberration


I did not say anything score, yes, it is normal for the frequencies used.


I did not rules, so it's normal to be open window details and the settings bench, What is so hard to open a tab?


probably he just forgot to open the tab, don't you think ?

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Because there were only 6 liters of LN2 left from the weekend session, so 2/3 liters were used to cool down the pots, the last 3/4 were used to do Unigine and 06.

There was no room for crashing and re-do the runs, so the frequencies are far from being maxed out, he just set the rock solid frequencies of 1400/1900, run, open the other bench, run, the end.

The OS is quite destroyed after all the sessions we did in the last weeks, drivers are old, freqs not maxed, no LN2, so I think that this score is quite good lol

Anyway, it doesn't comply to the rules because of the resolution not shown, too bad, remove it so that we can close this, lol

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