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  1. new one , bench yesterday hole day 8 x cpu´s :D and now i bench aswell....i have many scores to upload :D
  2. i don´t waste ln2 for these chips ...no worth , i do my best on cascade ,many of them scalling very well near -118 how my cascade perform!
  3. that bios is modded by me to pass CS , offcialy exist only gtx 580 SOC with CS bios .....but can be easy modded for gtx 570 soc aswell ...you find more infos in the CS hwbot thread , regards!
  4. need ONLY hard vmem mod for this card for vgpu you also can use hard mode ( if i remember corectly is an uP6208 pwm controller) , with FB at pin8 ...but you will enter deep into OCP/ovp protection and need to add VID mode to pass them , this i a bit complicated for you ... easy way is to use MadMatrix software witch is fully compatible from gtx285matrix with gtx275ligning ... tu use this need to run madmatrix.bat via administrator and change HEX value with voltage desired ...a DMM in real time monitoring voltage is highly recomanded , because some hex voltage value are different what you applied by soft and real one! i can you help you wirh vmode for gddr if you provide me the pwm info!
  5. 10 and 13 -SOLD available ONLY 4 , 5 and 9 4) 1x Palit 9600GT sonic 512mb - use samsung BJ1A - this card is one of the best implementation for extreme oc! 30 euro ! 5) 1x MSI 9800gtx+ T2D512 OC - best reference card , come with Hynix N2C mem ic , with good MC they hint 1400MHZ ...right gpu for extreme 35 euros! 9) 1 x GTX 280 with accelero GTX pro cooler , so i brought it few years ago.... 55 euros
  6. Shipping to Australia is very expensive....sorry! Up
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