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  1. I foget to mention this dewar can be used as pressurised ln2 storage , but also NON pressurised ln2 storage, is one of the best ln2 storage dewar, low day evaporating rate, easy to carry...
  2. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    SOLD thanks hwbot for space!
  3. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    BTU´s of the compressor had no relevance in low back pressure application .....those people that use this info as " power" of the compressor is in my opinion just an beginner in refrigeration units ... we use a HIGHT back pressure compressor ( R407c/R410a) witch mean the BTU´s are rated at ~ +7.2 degree evaporation rate!!!!! Converted in LOW back pressure application( R404a / R507), for example -40 -45 degree evaporating temp the btu´s will be much much more lower !!! because his LOW suction entering pressure !!!!! BTU( british thermal units) is only a standard used in airbusch splint clima ..... in low back pressure application we speak about his displacement! , in first post find you his specs!
  4. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    That evaporator is an prototype, i made it myself with manual tools, 100% hand work...only eclosure is made CNC milling machine , this evap beat all evaporators in hight loads and has the best Delta T .....because every internal threading with tap, that elicoidals fins help refrigerant heat exchange lowering much better Delta T ...compared with other designs. Because it use not one but 2 cap tube internal refrigerant flow is incresed....also temp are splinted in half because refrigerant injection is from 2 different sided, so at middle of bottom evap both loop are joined, temp of multi core cpu are munch more appropiated....those all things make a big difference compared with other designs....if er speak about copper mass is a beast in hight loads...... the hole sistem is optimised for this evaporator , compressor is also very important , you can see it is a different type used by a regulary single stage , when you want to play with hight loads ....you also need an large condensor capacity ....and an reciever in liquid line ...to make that condensor much more efficient in hight loads , because the bottom rowen of condensor will be allways full of liquid refrigerant ....and make that condensor to be not effi as should be ..... reciever in liquid line should be added, expansion valve used here ...well this "secret" i can´t make it public......
  5. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

  6. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    Thanks, Up for one of the best phase change ever builded
  7. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    -price update 1000euros!
  8. MVE lab30 - 330 euro without shipping!