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  1. nachtfalke

    [FS] [RO EU US] Watter Chiller made by Nachtfalke

    someone will be happy with this unit as a tip for the buyer , please use hight quality coolant in the "water" loop ...recomanded to use alchool 99,99% purity to maxim performance with this unit , this unit pull down easy on the HX temp below -50 to -60 degree! if yu use low quality coolant can permanently damage the HX. alchool need to be use in hermetic closed loop to not evaporated the coolant over time. another tip is to use magnetic pumps , because at this very low temps other pumps than magnetics will stuckt! recmandation use IWAKI or EHEIM.
  2. nachtfalke

    [FS] Autocascade

    This is an autocascade , that mean use an Single compressor to cobdensate and evaporate a refrigerant mix ..hydrocarbors. It is very hard to condensate proper an r1150 gas in autocascade to give you an -100 evaporating temp boost.... that mean in slhx you need to hold 2 times heat that you target on evaporating temp on the evaporator head. For -90 at 300w you need 600w at -35 -40 on the hx...witch i'm dubt that compressor can. I think 200w at -85 is more realistisch. For 300w at -90 you need Dedicated r404a r507 Stage to condensate proper r1150 and able to hold load 300w+ we speak already about 2 stage cascade. Sorry for input but..need to be more realistic wgen we speak so easy about those watt Heat 😁
  3. Up for mve lab30 in perfect shape Working Condition
  4. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

    No one Bench Legacy cards anymore? Up !
  5. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

  6. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 4 x modded cards

    2-3-4 sold available Asus hd6950 dc2
  7. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

    Open for offer
  8. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 4 x modded cards

    pay the listed price and i cover the shipping
  9. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 4 x modded cards

  10. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 4 x modded cards

    i´m selling here 4 modded card , 2 of them allready prepared with insulation for cold action , cards are voltage unlocked with hardmode you need only solder voltage mesurements points ( you indentifi fast on the vrm output filter -electrolitycs caps polarity) , these cards was good air clocker and prepared by me to be used in crossfire action or single ..but never had the time to bench them ...and now that i quit i don´t need them anymore! 1. asus HD6950 dc2 - vgpu/ocp, vddr, vpll ... 2. powercolor hd5850 pcs+ - vgpu/ocp, vddr , vpll .. this card has hynix T2C ddr ic´s .. rare card with this kind of ddr ic´s to find! 3. asus HD 5770 cucore top - vgpu/ovp/cap mod , vddr , vpll.. already LET insulated ; this card had hynix T2C ddr ic´s ...best ddr ic´s on the juniper /cypress series 4. Gainward HD4850 GS - Vgpu/vid mode/ vddr/ added heatsink on the fet´s . insulated ...had samsung BJ08 ic´s ( 90% of this series come with qimonde) 1. 55 euros 2. 45 euros 2. 35 euros 4. 30 euros price not include shipping , will be shipped via DHL , payment via paypal as a gift or buyer cover fees , bank transfer , for the hole pack buyed we can speak in privat for an discount! disclamer : gpu´s will be sold as it is ( see pic) all are fully working condition , pretested mods , i´m not responsable of the buyer unskill to use card´s with voltage unlocked modded , highly recomanded it the be brought from someone with experience...they can do good hw points!
  11. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

  12. nachtfalke

    [FS][DE/EU] - 16 different gpu ´s

  13. nachtfalke

    [FS] Fullcover waterblock´s

    80 euros shipped!