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Johni5 - GeForce2 MX400 64MB SDR 64bit @ 185/185MHz - 116 marks 3DMark03


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Yes,but not fund in list.

MX400 32MB most certainly is on the list.

doesn't matter, we don't cards with all their different memory sizes anymore

With all due respect, if it's on the list, is it too much to ask to be put in the proper category?, and if it doesn't matter anymore why are the categories not merged? Would this pertain to all cards of the same series with different memory sizes? No series' have been merged. Link to proof that 'it doesn't matter anymore' please.:)

Lets see somebody put submissions from a 8800GTS 640 in the 8800GTS 320 category since 'it doesn't matter anymore' then. How many people do you think will b1tch?:rolleyes:

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  • Crew

please look again. his card has a 64bit memory interface. the mx400 32mb you mean has 128bit. so it's in the right category!

seriously, if the right category is in the database and it would be wrong submitted i would have moved it....


the cards which have been added in the past till we stopped adding different sizes will not be merged.

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Johni, apparently it was my error.

My post was more of a friendly note just in case you submitted in the wrong place. I didn't report it or anything.

Sorry for the hassle.:)


Note: of course, if we had some updated rules and changes here, it could have been avoided all together, instead of just going off of 'he said this or that'.:P

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