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  1. Turn the fans up. Fixed 40% ain't working for you.
  2. I don't see any rule change. *shrug* Been the same since it started.
  3. Omit the link then. I mean, is it really needed?
  4. Just delete the valid link requirement in the comp.
  5. Nice validation but screenshot doesn't fall within 2% variance.
  6. Happens to everybody. One of the hazards of our hobby. Sucks but it is what it is.
  7. Awesome effort you're putting in here. You're gonna make me scream my 890's.
  8. Benchmate doesn't run on legacy Al, or are you in favor of throwing out legacy too? Whatever. It would seem that opinions on legacy have already been made. You will lose more long time members than you think. No more posts from me here.
  9. Perfect. Throw out all the old guys that started this place in favor of the young guys that only want to push one button and run XTU and are never heard from again.
  10. And easier for the cheaters. That is the primary reason for all the redundant proof.
  11. No downclock for screenshot here. My run was at 4066. Only standard Wprime tweaks used. Minimal processes, realtime, TinyXP. Just kept hitting run. Had a couple runs in the 56 sec range also. 58's too. The more I ran it, the lower it got.
  12. https://www.asus.com/supportonly/p5gcmx_(fsb_1066)/HelpDesk_CPU/ Better tell Asus
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