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  1. Nice CPU. I thought I would be in good shape with 2810 on the chiller. I will have to go like hell now.
  2. Wrong section. Ask here.
  3. Nice. Good score for a 7600. Nice ram too. Custom bios on that board does you well.
  4. You've never asked. It would be detrimental anyway. Don't need to feed the mod haters.
  5. Seems funny to me but...........what the hell do I know.
  6. YOU WHAT? Instead of banishing the user, you kept him and asked him to help with security? Are you out of your freaking minds? Coder you pay should be able to check his own security.
  7. Nope. All at the same time only.
  8. Passmark is used in review sites too.
  9. No. It is a 12c/24t processor. Not allowed to core down to fit into another category. Already in the general rules.
  10. You know that's not gonna help. Pic's are and easy fraud. Dump that bench. It will be nothing but trouble.
  11. Break into the 8 sec range soon I predict. Good going Hotrod.
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