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Olesius -Matrix R&D - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1600/1950MHz - 14389 marks 3DMark11 - Performance

Mr. DB!

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Great job Mr KarimKhani. See we call this real promotion and healthy challenge for our country. And I hope more scores for Iranian OCer. I know you had a bad luck for your cpu and I wish you can find better one to submit better results, great card you have there. Acctually the memory frequency is 1900 MHz, Memory tab is missing too ...

Good Luck dear Ali.

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  • Crew

thank you dear pourya :) actually this monster can do 2000MHz memory but we focused on core overclocking so let the memory to rest! (1950mhz added with perviews submition history) memory tab is not necessary for 3d benches bro ;)

Good luck too

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  • Crew
Tebrikler Beyler..Congrats..

tashakorlar :)

OMG, tnks for your CM my big boss :D

just i am learning how to walk!! ;)


Yesss.. my friend ;) we need lots points like this score , because of Netherlands


in Country ranking they are so near to us.


in my opinion, anything is OK , even without memory tab.

(but to ensure record, better we also put the memory tab )


thank you my friend :)

we must push together, so we can do anything ...

(next time will add ORB link)

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