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knopflerbruce - Pentium E2220 (2.4Ghz) @ 4380MHz - 470.7 MPT-score UCBench 2011


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Thanks:) Not using the right OS, this 2k3 is made for superpi not ucbench... will try XP later when I've gone through the rest of the 2000 chips. I can't believe I haven't found a good E2220 yet, binned through 7-8 chips already and nothing but junk:o This chip won't do more than 4450 tops...

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You sure the 2000's you got are duds? I don't know as I haven't ran these kind of c2d's much, but I had a HELL of a time getting UCBench to run on my e2200. Something weird it seemed like where UCBench would bomb out with the e2200 - haven't seen it act that way on any other chip I've benched (not that many). I did 4.4 in ucbench, but I could do 4.7 in wprime1024, 4.9 in wp32, 5GHz in CPUz.


I didn't end up spending much time on it since it wasn't worth anything, but if you are judging your chips currently based on ucbench, figured I would mention my personal experience.


I plan on working on ucbench more this time around since its worth more time due to the competition.

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Well, Couldn't boot 4.5 on this sample. I guess I have to trust my E2180 or an untested E2200. Best of the E2220's I've tested so far does about 4700, but i can't remember if that was just boot to OS or a bit more than that. If you can run 4.9 wp32m you've got a better chip than any one I've tested so far. Is it an E2220 at all?

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