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wprime 32 score

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Hi i was just looking at the wprime 32 hall of fame for 4x core cpu and noticed this submission which does not make sense


No one else in the top 20 achieved anywhere near this at such low mhz and there is no cpu-z or screen shots to validate it other than the checksum validation.

My honest opinion is he accidently put the wrong mhz when submitting his score and it was probably more like 5.4 ghz and not 4.8 i was just curious being its andre i would never think in any way he was cheating.




Also does wprime require a screenshot or is checksum on its own good enough ?

I thought you had to submit a screen shot with 2 instances of cpu-z showiing memory and cpu ??


Thankyou guys.


No2 Vaporizer

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