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  1. Lol Allen, I thought I was the biggest douch a bag in OC community, not for my results just for my personality;) The politics with OC now days sucks big hairy balls. The community is whiny little bitch syndrome. I'll only participate in major comps. The best part of OC is live events and meeting everyone face to face and partying !!!
  2. Yo Paz316 your best effort is is sucking three one dicks, dancops lips on mancock hips is 8 packs dream he loves man on jizz.
  3. HWNOT that's too good for this guy, he sits on 8 mans crotch, his name on Grindr is 8manscocks. He though Kingston HOT was Mardi Gras of 8 man slots, all he brought was Vaseline and his fucking tube socks.
  4. These were benched live on controlled OS no registery tweaks were performed to skew results my score is legit. Osilliscope no need benched live hwbot judges Christian ney and massman.
  5. Please GOD DITCH Cinebench it's all CPU Power !!! Memory means nothing bring back 32m !!!
  6. Can all Overclockers attending please discuss competition layout ? would people like a fixed CPU frequency for 32m and XTU this will eliminate the best CPU wins regardless issue and force it to be about memory overclocking ? Please chime in !
  7. So unless I'm missing a post. What platform are we benching at final What benchmarks ? How's it being scored ?
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