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The official newlife's wPrime 32m global challenge - Aug 25, 2012 until Sep 24, 2012 thread.


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I did 2600MHz on my memories but can not push too much above as the wPrime score starts going down... my best score with the TridentX kit is 5.432... it won't go lower whatever I could think of tweakng more... - but I saw that SamSaveMax has changed his memory kits (at least it seems he had 16GB before)... so, I will try my Dominator GTs!

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@ Newlife, I would like to save you some elbow grease because there is no way the 4 cores could beat the 8 threads i7-3770K in wPrime benching. So don't tear down your rig. Thought, i5-3570 could be beat i7-3770K in SuperPI benches.


@ ZKA17, that's a vast improvement you have there. Good job!

I shall return tommorow with a new score.


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