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pkotlowski score - hard cheater :/

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Hello All


I'm search for good clocking cpu in hwbot base and ...


I live in Poland but bench for XS team,


pkotlowski also live in Poland and bench for XS team but ..


I'm good clocker in my country and I has been surprised becouse pkotlowski reached very, very good score with many hardware, but it was nothing about it in my country.


So ...


http://hwbot.org/user.do?userId=5625 - profile.


Number one :




E6600 @ 5400MHz - 601 x 9


Holy moly - impresiv score. Valid with screen, but


ID is 156036


Please check this ID in http://valid.x86-secret.com/




Next is :


E6800 B0 @ 5013MHz - stron score for this CPU




Valid with screen, but this is screen from hmm Team Japan


Check please this link : http://u-san.net/c-board/c-board.cgi?cmd=one;no=1007;id=


Next is :


pkotlowski score in CPU-Z rank


Reach 4997MHz also with X6800 B0


Valid with screen, but this screen is also from Japan :mad:


Check this : http://u-san.net/c-board/c-board.cgi?cmd=one;no=965;id=


Next is PC Mark 2005. Score from Eva 2000


pkotlowski score : http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=561833


And the same screen and score on i4memory forum




I don't have more time to search for screen's and score ...


No way this men is a hard cheater.



Shame me that there is from my country







OC Team Poland / XtremeSystems 3D Team

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