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dasa - GMA HD - 952 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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very nice, i remeber i ran air cooling with 661, score like 980P, tips, very tie ddr3 timings, high QPI bus, bclk around 225, vaxg(igp voltage) 1.680v(safe for air)igp clock 720mhz(real clock), i ran that one before H55 lauch, wait some one get 1k air, hehe, keep going !

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ram is fairly much as shown nothing special about that the rest is all manually set to around default settings i can tighten them a bit more but the only ones that showed any benefit in superpi were the first 3 and there as tight as they will go

i think what helped most was setting the igp as high as it would go and qpi to 44x


so whats the trick to getting a high bclk anyway?

most i can bench at is ~210 and max i can post at is ~217 extra v doesn't seem to do any good

being able to boot at 215-225 would be handy



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