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E8400 OC Problem...


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Hello everybody,


I would not say that I'm a newbie to OC'ing, I know all of the steps to perform for a good overclock, the DRAM frequency, FSB and all of that. I recently got my self a Maximus II Formula and a E8400, I think that I got a fairly good chip since I'm OCCT stable at 460*9 @ 1.24V. Any way as all serious OC'er I would like to continue to see what this chip can do, I'm on air cooling for the moment, but I do have a WC set around, but no reservoir.


So getting to my problem:


I'm stable no problem @ 460*9 but at 465*9 I get a BSOD, the same happened at 465*8, etc... No matter how high I go on the voltages I still have a problem. I have OCZ SLI Ready 2*1Gb PC8500 5-5-5-15 Ram so technically I could go up to 1066/2= 533 FSB with my ram (According to a post I saw on XS). Could some body help me?


Here are some screenies: :)








Thanks a lot!

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