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3D 03 , How activate SLI GTX 680 ?

Guest Ximi

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Hello guys !!


I have SLI GTX 680 and at win 7 not problem , with Nvidia Panel active SLI but at Win XP cant activate SLI , the option not appears visible ..... :(


My hard configuration its 2600k and SLI GTX 680 run at Win 7 x64 / Win XP.


Thanks for answers !! ;)

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Yes , its all right the marks are ok for SLI , but at Nividia Panel you set activate SLI or not ?


An other hands its posible to activate SLI at Nividia Inspector ? How to ?


Thanks for replys .... :)

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if you dont know the compatibility bits, google them and experiment with what works the best.


if you want a more granular way of sli, then your previous picture is on the right track, but you need to change "SLI Rendering Mode"


I think that the best for compatibility bits its 3D03 profile , not ?


Yes I think the same , selected two GPU from SLI its the best , and , for "SLI Rendering Mode" I will try some options on 3D03 multi-GPU . for selected one correct for the best result.

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