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As of next release, HWBOT v4 will fully support translation into other languages again. Any language can be supported, but it's a whole lot of work to translate the whole property file.


Format of file:

- please always save as UTF-8

- comments start with #, do not translate

- some sentences have HTML formatting to include a link or make text bold, please do not alter the html (eg: <strong>team<strong> makes text bold)

- some sentences have dynamic content, with is a number between brackets. Eg Hi {0}! where {0} is the user name. The comments will explain what the content of the variable is. In doubt, check comment. Do not remove variables.


If you want to help out doing translations to your own language, feel free to drop me a PM. To keep the translatation progress transparent and structured, we will only grant post/editing privileges to the translators. So one person will be working on the translations. Of course, you can ask for friends to help out with parts of the translations :D.

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