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Why my score is blocked?

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one of my result has been blocked today:




16 Apr 2010 09:07 reported krzys166 reported by user due to lack of validation (test window does not contain c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe )



16 Apr 2010 09:43 non default settings (crew) Thor941 not ran at default settings ()


"Test window does not contain..." - buahahaha, because I am using Windows Vista and formed a shortcut to hexus_pifast.bat, I have a bad submission? It is nonsense to me.


Many of the results is a Windows Vista-made and does not contain "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" in the name of the window as it is under Windows XP. For example:






Results are blocking by the stupid reasons, and some like this are not:



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I have just validated your score again.


if you knew how many results I have to moderate, you would see that sometimes shits (read mistakes) happen


no need to shout as if you had a knife in the back


instead of complaining about other scores, just report them, that is enough


thx for your help


best regards :)

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