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HD 5870 SOC - no voltage tunning support!

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Hello ,


I found the VID Mod for 5870 SOC , there are three ways for it.




For VID Mod , if I want 1.45v at VGPU , what is the combination for it ? How much resistors I have to Put and wich order ?


If I leave free VID is considerated low level.


Another Cuestion is for SOC Tuner , there are two VGPU , VGPU1 and VGPU2 , I have to regulate both , or the VGPU1 is the main when I made the VID Mod ?


Thanx for reply !! ;)


PD: Actually I can made with Cat 10.3 , 1010 / 1350 Mhz but I Bench with one Test and the ºC raise up and Bench again and Card fails and show artifacts. LOL

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Cross-manufacturer flashing only works if the PCB is the same.


SOC is custom pcb, so it won't work.


Thanx for info , the problem that i found is voltage control , is low from OC Guru.


With Stock Cooling , don't take 1000 Mhz at Core with 3dmark06 , there are some artifacts and fails 3dmark06 , also i put it 1.3v and fails.


I need looking for another thinks :


1º .- Possibility of flash with 5870 OC Bios , then i can control voltage with MSI afterburner extreme. i can raise Vcore at 1.325 v or 1.35v and can try 1 GHz.


2º .- Tramit RMA , because 5870 SOC don't take 1 Ghz at Core , with 1.3v , max Vcore with OC Guru.


What could I do ?


Thanx !!

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