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  1. Thanks guys. I forgot to say that all crappy Teapos caps are gone I replaced them with Chemicon KZJ = Rubycon MCZ and/or Nichicon HZ... Thats why this board rocks, I dunno who else got to those speeds and ran a 3DMark... @I.nfraR.ed This was over 15 years ago probably my 3rd board modded and recaped. Aesthetics wasn’t my concern back then 😂
  2. Hi,

    Do you sell CPUs and ram only?

    1. Jor3llBR/Elano


      Only the full package.

  3. I don’t remember how much I did 15 years ago but 2800mhz sounds about right for top chips and boards.
  4. Super conservative volts and speeds I achieved because they where done on Thermalright Aircooler, only God knows how well this will perform under Ln2. Check my YouTube video, - 268 fsb all on air...
  5. Thank you mate, yeah I’m factoring in a lot of stuff here and I’m open for offers. Thanks for the kind words.
  6. Hi @ozzie, unfortunately the Australian dollar is taking a beating at the moment, I will accept reasonable offers. Its hard to price something that doesn’t exist anymore but I would say you getting a good bang for the buck here on special binned equipment. Make me an offer.
  7. Hey @Splave man seeing your name brings back so many good memories. OC before YouTube was a ‘thing’. Mining before Bitcoin etc 🙂 Good times my friend! How are you and the folks from OCA?
  8. Hi @Mr.Scott at this time I'm trying to sell it as a combo.
  9. ** WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE AT BUYER'S EXPENSE ** This is unobtanium super rare DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard Rev. A Also selling 2 rare Athlon's CPU (including a famous IQYHA0351)... Seling all as a COMBO. I quitted the OC game 12+ years ago, used to be #11 competing privately against sponsored OCiers. It has been sitting in my attic ever since and I forgot about it. It's heavily modded (all volt mods plus 2 bios add on) to run these memories and CPU at its peak, see video at 2-2-2-9 at 268Mhz! Included all seen in pictures: AMD Athlon AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW Kingston KHX3200K2/512 KIT DFI LANPARTY NF2 REV.A ATHLON AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW ATHLON AXMG22600FQQ4C – IQYHA0351MPMW System Test DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard + CPU + RAM 268 fsb ////// Link>>> https://youtu.be/0-KoU9HTZRw This is a collector's item. 387 GBP + Shipping
  10. Hi @Gunslinger is the motherboard still available?
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