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  1. Hi,

    Do you sell CPUs and ram only?

  2. I don’t remember how much I did 15 years ago but 2800mhz sounds about right for top chips and boards.
  3. Super conservative volts and speeds I achieved because they where done on Thermalright Aircooler, only God knows how well this will perform under Ln2. Check my YouTube video, - 268 fsb all on air...
  4. Thank you mate, yeah I’m factoring in a lot of stuff here and I’m open for offers. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Hi @ozzie, unfortunately the Australian dollar is taking a beating at the moment, I will accept reasonable offers. Its hard to price something that doesn’t exist anymore but I would say you getting a good bang for the buck here on special binned equipment. Make me an offer.
  6. Hey @Splave man seeing your name brings back so many good memories. OC before YouTube was a ‘thing’. Mining before Bitcoin etc 🙂 Good times my friend! How are you and the folks from OCA?
  7. Hi @Mr.Scott at this time I'm trying to sell it as a combo.
  8. ** WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE AT BUYER'S EXPENSE ** This is unobtanium super rare DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard Rev. A Also selling 2 rare Athlon's CPU (including a famous IQYHA0351)... Seling all as a COMBO. I quitted the OC game 12+ years ago, used to be #11 competing privately against sponsored OCiers. It has been sitting in my attic ever since and I forgot about it. It's heavily modded (all volt mods plus 2 bios add on) to run these memories and CPU at its peak, see video at 2-2-2-9 at 268Mhz! Included all seen in pictures: AMD Athlon AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW Kingston KHX3200K2/512 KIT DFI LANPARTY NF2 REV.A ATHLON AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW ATHLON AXMG22600FQQ4C – IQYHA0351MPMW System Test DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard + CPU + RAM 268 fsb ////// Link>>> https://youtu.be/0-KoU9HTZRw This is a collector's item. 387 GBP + Shipping
  9. Hi @Gunslinger is the motherboard still available?
  10. I guess you missed the entire thread yesterday, Hiwa's cpu was never sold to Pippo369. How did he sell a CPU on April and then got the same CPU back for benching on May? There is only one name for that: Hardware Sharing...
  11. HWbot already has all the proof that Hiwa borrowed the cpu to Pippo369 and they are making the decision if they will allow the harware sharing or not. The thread was pulled down by me because the staff was getting the wrong impression I was bashing them when in realitty I'm just any other user here that spotted an infration and brought that to their attetion.
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