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Don_Corleone - Athlon 64 4400+ X2 Brisbane @ 3450.4MHz - 3450.41 mhz CPU-Z


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Nothing helps here :P


I don't think this CBB is a CBB, actually - it's just that when you use high vcore the temps get higher under the IHS as well, so CPU temp is alot higher than pot temp. When these Brisbanes coldbug, they shut down completely, and then you have no chance to make them power on until the CPU temp is above the temp limit. -14c is pretty normal for these chips.

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You're right knopflerbruce

When the temps goes lower than -14c i could not power on the system until i get it higher than -14c. No way to power up

After passing wprime test temp goes to -15c and a shutdown again!

So how to deal with this processors? stable -14c?


Yeah, keep it close - there is no instability until it shuts down.


This core is really a PITA to OC properly... in a couple of weeks I'll have another go at wprime with my chips:D

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