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Unable to select correct graphics category

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Made this submission the other day... http://hwbot.org/community/submission/995121_rickss69_3dmark_vantage___performance_82945g_integrated_graphics_desktop_22_marks?tab=info


I have been unable to select the correct graphics category. It should be Intel GMA HD, but it will not accept this input. Can someone modify/edit my submission to reflect what it really is? I am sure I received points for the run when I should not have. Thanks

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Yesterday I made 2 submissions.






Both of them are quite delicate cases, because I use 2 VGA boards (HD5850 and HD5970), but 3 GPUs. The other thing is that, these 2 boards do not have the same parameters. At the submission page, I have chosen the 2x SLI/CF menu point, and at the details, I typed the parameters of the primary VGA, that has 1 GPU only. The other board is a dual GPU board.


Did I cshoose the correct category? If not, can I edit the submission?


Thanks, HGyu

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