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Low Score at 3D 11 , 3 x GTX 680 OC GB , Please Help

Guest Ximi

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Hi guys !!


I try 3D 11 with 3 x GTX 680 OC GB , but the score is low aprox 15.xxx.


The OS its Windows 7 x64 SP1 with all updates.


The drivers are 310.90 FM aproved.


I flash the 3 x GPU with limit voltaje 1.21v and PW 120 % , the OC its Ok , 1267 boost.


The problem I think that 3 x GPU not run at high use 100 % , I suspect that run at down % that use.


I try with LOD=30 , LOD=15 , D3DOverride On , D3DOverride Off , etc ....


More trys and not good score.


One pic of Setup and score :



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Scaling with CPU speed ?


I try with 4800 mhz , with 5000 mhz need more vcore for stable at Physx test's and its very hot.


It's and 3960X can be not very good for 3D11.


The most popular its 3770 K , can be best that option , not ?


At 3D mark vantage scaling well , 64.xxx marks good result but 3D 11 .... :eek:

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