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Aquamark3 Wrapper V2 (by GENiEBEN) launched!


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As mentioned in a news post last week, today we discontinued the old benchmark wrapper of Aquamark3 and updated it with a faster and more compatible version. GENiEBEN, a Romanian overclocker and developer, made use of the new HWBOT Benchmark API to fully integrated the wrapper into our new Rev5 engine. The new version can be downloaded here and can be used to submit benchmark results right now!.


As said before, the old wrapper is no longer supported and scores with it can no longer be submitted to HWBOT. The datafile structure is completely different, so we cannot even manually add it anymore. In other words, the new wrapper is the way to go and we wish you all have boatloads of fun with it. Enjoy!


HWBOT Download: link


~ Aquamark3 Transition Done - New Wrapper Fully Integrated, Old One Discontinued



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