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Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 goes 4WAY SLI with GTX 480

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Hey fellows,


I know quite a few results have been posted lately with UD9, so I am not going to discover anything extraordinary with my 5,6GHz i980X "champ". However, even if some results have been shown, and some forum sneak peaks have been done, I though that a more "official" preview would not hurt anybody. So I did a nice, clean preview on our website. You might be asking what the heck is so interesting about that. Yeah...I forgot to mention...I did a small "4 x GTX 480 on Gigabyte UD9" preview on our website. Now it sounds more interesting, doesn't it? :yepp:


Anyway, the 4WAY SLI is not the main focus here, I am preparing a massive 1,2,3,4 GTX 480 vs 1,2,3,4 HD5870 article that will be up soon and there I will have lots of numbers about this. The most interesting part is that now 4WAY SLI can be done on other mainboards, not just EVGA 4WAY SLI and SR2. If you want to read the full story, you can use Google Translator. If not, here's some UD9 pics and some 3SLI and 4SLI numbers for you :)














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