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3DMark06 installer updated to v1.2.1


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We've just pushed out an update to 3DMark06 installer (see, we haven't abandoned it!). This installer is officially compatible with Windows 8. Binary itself has not changed (and is still v1.2.0) but installer has been rebuilt with latest SystemInfo 4.15 and with updated OpenAL installer. It also includes updated exporter.dll, ensuring that saving and loading results will work even with latest SystemInfo installed.


Futuremark's own page is not yet fully updated (will be updated on Monday) but the file is already available from various mirrors, for example here;




We're also going to publish updates to 3DMark 11, 3DMark Vantage, PCMark 7 and PCMark Vantage in the near future. In addition to updated SystemInfo, these will also contain actual changes to benchmark code - mostly UI fixes and exporter.dll updates, tho in the case of PCMark 7 there will be changes that actually affect scores. More information on them as the updates become available.

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Whatever those UI fixes are, please include application version somewhere in the main window / score window.


Whenever the benchmark code is touched, the version number does change. 06 binary version number did not change because it was not recomplied.


Are there any specific benchmarks where the version number is not shown clearly enough?


..and only PCMark 7 scores should be changed by the patch.

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