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Movieman - 2x Xeon X5680 @ 4400MHz - 58sec 594ms wPrime 1024m


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Whoa!eek.gif Very nice Dave clap.gif


Thank you..I wanted to break a minute in 1024m and got it.

Next is to try and break that German guy's 1.9s time in wPrime 32m..

I got 2.251s.. a 1/3'rd of a second to cut..


He's got a cluster of 8-quad socket boards from what I can see so maybe I can tell myself I have the fastest singleboard time..At least till the SR2 boards get out to the guys this week and they get pots on them and crush my air cooled times! LOLOL

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Go go Dave! Whats your system setup? What OS is that? Is it giving you the best times? Are you running with GPU drivers?


Thanks, and just submitted a 2.203s wPrime 32m time.

I'll get to that 1.920s time yet! LOL


SR2 system is set up as follows:

MM Extended Ascension case

EVGA SR2 board

2-X5680 Westmere's

2 TRUE's w/120x25mm 113cfm Delta's

6x2 gig of Corsair GTX1

EVGA 260GTX vid

PCP+C 1200w PSU

36 gig Raptor for OS drive

one 750 and one 1-tera WD Black for storage

OS is dead stock Win 7 64 Ultimate

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