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Which memory do you recommend?


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10x for answer... I own

ASUS M2N-E SLI|AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Orleans @2662 1.37v|SAPPHIRE X1950GT 256MB DDR3 @585/1414|2x512 DDR2-667 A-DATA @670 4-4-12 1T|Hitachi SATA2: 160GB T7K160 + 320GB T7K500 |FOXCONN 3GTLA +570A [+ 2x FOXCONN 80mm]|ISO 350W|LCD Philips 190C|LG GSA-4165B| and wanna ask which will be better: To buy a new CPU (like ATHLON64 4000+X2/AM2/BOX) or to change my ram with 2x1gb 800 A-DATA? Which will give me the best perfomence? I now that buying the two ne components will be best but I haven't got enough money to this... so which is more important: A lot RAM or greater cpu speed and cache?

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