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Bug reports : crossfireX, RAID not working

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Right, so,


I recently bought and installed a new motherboard to make use of 3-Way crossfireX. I got the ASUS Maximus V Extreme. I installed it and powered it on and it was all fine. However, while it does turn on and run my C drive and windows (I am typing this on it now), It doesn't output any picture until the windows login screen appears. This is frustrating as I cannot either access the UEFI BIOS or even run windows safe mode as, though I am fairly sure these features are working normally, I cannot see anything on the screen. This means I cannot access such features as overclocking, safe driver un-installation (thus I still have no 3-way crossfire as it needs a driver reinstall apparently) or, most importantly, RAID mode or settings meaning that I am unable to use my two 1.5 TB HDD's. This means no Steam and no main data storage on my PC. As you will understand this is crippling and I need to solve this problem. Another thing to note is that, in the manual for the mobo, it mentions that the board needs to be set to the correct mode to either display through the gfx cards or the mobo back I/O, through the BIOS. I thought this may be it but I get no display at all, even at windows, with the HDMI port on the mobo I/O.


If anyone out there can advise me on a solution then please, any help is massively appreciated.


For reference, here are my full system specs:


ASUS Maximus V Extreme

Intel Core I5 2500K

8 GB Mushkin Blackline 1333MHz

3 XFX HD Radeon 6970's in CrossfireX (Only two working atm due to CCC issues)

240GB Kingston HyperX SSD running OS

2 Seagate Barracuda LP 1.5TB HDD's for RAID 0 config (Currently un-accessible)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS


Thanks in advance.

[08/04/2013 19:28:58] Charles N L Bencard: What do you think btw?

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* Does it work with just one card?

* In which card and port did the monitor cable go?

* Start with 1 card and enter bios to set PEG as default output card.

* Make sure the monitor is ok and default input is correct. I particularly had one that didn't show signal until the very end of the Windows load screen


PS: Wrong thread :D

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