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Strange GTX 670m results


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I'm not exactly sure where to put this, feel free to move it if it is not in the right place.

Here goes:


I have done a few benchmarks with 3dmark06 on my GT60 (3610QM and 670m) some with strange results, could anyone with more knowledge than me explain why I may be getting the strange results.


After having some initial problems with stability on the GPU I was able to reach an 820MHz core clock while running 1600MHz on the VRAM. To make sure I was not causing problems with CPU throttling due to the power usage, I clocked my CPU at 2.6GHz. I did a few benchmarks at those settings, but strangely all of them scored lower in the SM2.0 category, and only very slightly better in SM3.0 than a previous test at 730MHz core.


Clocked at 730 core/1600 memory


Clocked at 820 core/1600 memory


I initially thought this could be because I was running the same memory clocks on the memory, but when I ran the test again the memory controller was only being used 30-40%. Next, I turned to the lower CPU clocks, which I would have thought only would affect the CPU score a lot, but this was again countered by the fact that I was only seeing 40-50% CPU usage on the cores.


So, does anyone have any idea why I am not getting higher scores in the two graphics scores?

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