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[Australia] D9 - Crucial & Team DDR2 Kits


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Hey Guys.


Selling two kits of DDR2

both are unused by me, I found a kit of Corsairs and just ended up using those.


Please note that I am in Australia, and as such, postage costs will be approx $16 on top of the price for each kit.


I'm looking for US$30 for each kit.


Crucial 10th Anniversary - 667 3-3-3-12 2.2v TY2KIT12864AA663 2x1GB - D9GMH


Team Xtreem 1066 5-5-5-15 2.2-2.3v TXDD1024M1066HC5-D 2x1GB - I remember reading somewhere these are D9GMH, now I cant find the thread, Theyre definitely GMH or GCT



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