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  1. why not just make the stage 590, 690, 6990, 7990 only and call it a day?
  2. The comp has started. its too late to change it now.
  3. The real issue is as a mod, I guess you cant put idiots on ignore list.
  4. Thanks mate. Looking at our spreadsheet I think the HW is all good for each stage, unless there's any last minute changes. 👍 yknow like if you want to take out 3 bclck scores required, or remove AGP, PCI, Integrated & Hybrid...and allow ES, and start it in Jan and run til March. yknow, if you wanna change stuff 😂
  5. @Leeghoofd Hey man, I'm not trying to be cunty, but is the hwbot competition page with https://hwbot.org/competition/CountryCup2019/ the live up-to-date version of the stages you're planning? I can see for example that Timespy Extreme stage has moved to FS Ultra, and am wondering how far we are away from this being finalised. Will this be finalised 100% by the time this supposedly opens (just under 48hrs at this post time) with all rules & hardware requirements? or are we looking at a delay. Delay is fine but just wanted to be clear. Thanks.
  6. Can we put half marathon times in as a stage? Im a good chance to win that stage.
  7. That would be my ideal quads to bicep ratio. dont need an upper body, need that to waste away.
  8. I bench just so my overclocker friends whatsapp chat doesnt kick me out.
  9. Dont suppose there's anyone interested in allowing ES cpus for CC? I'm assuming not but figured couldnt hurt to ask.
  10. Alby even seems to tolerate my bullshit. What a dude.
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