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  1. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

    We don't call him youngpro anymore. Come on down in December Shane, we'll give you a spot on the tressle table and you can put out some lackluster ambient scores without using that horrible yucky ln2 stuff
  2. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

    Fuck I'd call a truce for a meal like that. Have a good one.
  3. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

    Same time tomorrow?
  4. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

    I thought we were about to exchange numbers, get on the phone, chew gum, watch home and away and perm our hair?
  5. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

  6. zeropluszero

    Leagues idea

    Hey @richba5tard Can we impliment 3 leagues now? Imagine how great it could be.
  7. zeropluszero

    2080Ti Lightning Z LN2 BIOS + ABX ?

    I wouldnt expect Gunslinger to share the bios and software he has, but that he *might* put you in contact with the right person at MSI that can give it to you, if they chose to.
  8. zeropluszero

    Cinebench R20

    Thanks Mat
  9. zeropluszero

    2080Ti Lightning Z LN2 BIOS + ABX ?

    It looks like Gunslinger is still getting MSI gear, he might be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you out for ABX for these cards.
  10. zeropluszero

    Add CB R20

    if that's actually the case fuck adding it in. worst os ever.
  11. zeropluszero

    Add CB R20

    do we have to?