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  1. what topic? roman sounds like hes going to do whatever the banana he wants to.
  2. Which vendors supplied hardware for this result? Your kid must have shitty paste spreading skills if you only managed 6.4g. why the fuck is pcmark a points benchmark?
  3. I mean I'd call 3 degrees and 20mhz in margin of error for mounting but you do you.
  4. You mean it wasn't just one of splaves accounts trying to make a headline?
  5. Is roman actually paying you to run this chickenshit outfit?
  6. I don't know how you can stand this place Albrecht
  7. I'm not old enough to understand this reference 😋
  8. Did you buy it just to delete that deburner account?
  9. Fuck that right off. If new shit cant be hacked to run on XP it'll be the last hardware I ever bench.
  10. Whatever Mr Scott wants, I want that. Hes much more articulate than I am.
  11. No more leagues? Stop talking dirty. I'm fine with a vote.
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