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[FS] ('Murica) 150L Dewar - Tested Good


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$400 w/ local pickup. There are no dewars on the market of this size, at this price, pre-tested to hold cold with actual LN2.


Shipping extra. It's about 20" in diameter, 58" high, and 200LBs empty, so if you are wondering how much it costs to ship, the answer is A LOT. I can give quotes if interested. I can deliver, depending on your location - my delivery cost is $.25/mile round trip (gas costs me $.21/mile).


This is the same model I use regularly. It has been filled once, to test if it holds cold, and over 24 hours no condensation formed. These are not new dewars, but they are built like army tanks. The other dewar I have had longer and use regularly came from military surplus, this one came from a university, which they probably got from the military.


To fill off it, just hold your thermos up to the spout and turn it on. Don't be a wuss. In the pictures you'll see I have a cryogenic hose, but I only use that to transfer between dewars - it wastes LN2 using it to fill a thermos.


Your dewar is the one with the black collar on top (Mine is the old one with the ROG sticker on it, the other one is already sold):






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