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  1. Schmuckley

    TR 3990X

    You fool no one, Roman!
  2. Schmuckley

    TR 3990X

    DJ will handle that.
  3. And the winner for z170 goes to Nick Shih and AsRock! Seriously,why bother Giga.OCF is the board for z170,period. Giga still has x99 Champion.
  4. Ayep, that's what happens.
  5. exactly,lol. Good luck with that one! :nana: I bought a "binned" 4133 b-die kit. Turns out the 3600 kit i already had is a good notch better. Now to sell off and lose money... :woot:
  6. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10046731/HWBOT%20Memes/Batch%2016/DJ%20power%20on.jpg
  7. Q: Did you you have a totally stripped 10 x86? Cortana wut?! pffft
  8. I hope both of us do..Once you're locked in that mode..that's what you have to get done.
  9. Man I came here for info on stabilizing b-die and all I see is dog-poo. Yes maxxmem is a buggy bench.Be vewy vewy quiet lest it gets cut. Better benchmarks have already.
  10. ^Colorful c.p67 x5 <hint> There are 6 R50 chokes
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