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the following itmes are for sale, all is in working condition and tested




Samsung D


1. 2x4GB GSkill Trident X 2400C9-11-11-31


Almost new, tested for 2800 10-12-12-25 1,74v 32M and 2600 9-11-11-21 at same voltage on summer ambient temperatures, good trcd limits, double sided Samsung D. Come in Box with unused fan


87-882600c9-11-11-211u5jw5.jpg 25.08.13sale109esws.jpg


2. 2x4GB GSkill Trident X 2400C9-11-11-31


Like new, in box with fan, tested for 2800 10-12-12-25 at 1,71v, 2600 9-11-11-21 works as well, like the first kit this one does 2800 9-12-12 at 1,9V 1M, 32M should be easy, but I run out of voltage on M5gene because 1,9 is already max.


89-901400c91m191vtnx7t.jpg 25.08.13sale9nrsqy.jpg


3. 2x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 C9-11-10-27 1,5V


Rev. 4.13, Samsung D, tested for 2400 9-11-11-25 1,6v and 2666 10-12-12-25 at around same voltage. Very good 24/7 mems, but on benchmarks doubtful as I could only reach 10-13-13-31 at 2800 1,74v 32M. with original packaging


jd8013008muub.jpg jd801296skunb.jpg 1200c9-11-11-25160vmtrplim.jpg


4. 2x4GB Samsung Original 1600 11-11-11-28 1,5v


Best Values I have had or seen, these easily do 2800 c10 at 1,7v and dominate Low profile green and even some 2666 c10 kits I had.


33-12140010-12-12-251uwlqp.jpg jd801293ryu4g.jpg




5. 3x2GB GSkill Trident 2000 9-9-9-24 1,6V


Mediocre oc on air, need above 1,7v for 2400 cas7, because of this only tested for specs, which they do easily. Black PCB, on two of the sticks labels look as if they had been removed and reapplied - cheap for 24/7 or try on cold, bulk


25.08.13sale3lcsn2.jpg 25.08.13sale15ajsg7.jpg


6. 3x2GB GSkill Trident 2000 9-9-9-24 1,6V


Excellent oc kit, 1300 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 1,84v 32M, good trcd limit, does 1300 8-11-8-28 at least 1M at well as 2400 7-10-7. 1000 6-9-6-24 around 1,6v, the kit is very even in performance, all three sticks clok nearly the same. With original GSkill blister


25.08.13sale181asfy.jpg 0-113008-12-8-18twcl6yrury.jpg 0-113008-11-8-18twcl6npuj4.jpg


7. 2x2GB Team Xtreem 2000 9-9-9-24 1,6V


Excellent psc, 2500 8-11-8-28 auto 1,63v, do 1300 8-12-8 32M auto at 1,7v and below, at twcl6 and extreme hard subs they need around 1,75-1,78v for 2600. Best MHz/voltage ratio psc I have tested so far, clearly better than 2400c8/9 and 2000c6 pis for example. Come with original Team packaging.

9012518-11-8-28163vr3j6y.jpg 9013068-12-8-301700vaxva8u.jpg 9012006-11-7-27175v32g9bzo.jpg


8. 2x2GB GSkill Ripjaw 1600 7-8-7-24 GBRM


Good PSC, early batch, 2400 7-11-8 at 1,66v, 2500 7-11-9-28 at 1,72. Better stick does 2500 8-11-8-28 around 1,68v. Comes in original Blister


25.08.13sale110bsk3.jpg 25.08.13sale20uosec.jpg 2300c8-gbrm1600211250igama.jpg gbrm160012007-11-8-281xsh2.jpg




9. 2x2GB Supertalent Chrome 2000 8-8-8-24


Handbinned, worked on all systems I had incl. 1155. Last serous tests ended at 2140 7-7-7 2m 1,73v on M5G and 2350 8-8-8 at same voltage. In original Blister package


sttkit41175832mc8173v7iosn.jpg supertalent1072c7173vj7ogv.jpg 25.08.13sale12sise6.jpg


Prices in euro without shipping

1. 105 Euro sold@AF

2. 110 Euro sold@AF

3. 90 Euro sold at HWLuxx

4. 90 Euro sold@hwbotforums

5. 35 Euro sold@HWluxx wanted section

6. 105 Euro sold at hwbotforum

7. 160 Euro sold@hwbotforums together with #4

8. 60 Euro

9. 100 Euro


Best regards


Payment is possible with paypal or with bank transfer, preferred location for sales is EU.


Disclaimer: no warranbtyandm no returns as this is a private sale. ON oc, ymmv, but the results are on air using retail, non-cherry-picked hardware

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