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How to submit mixed crossfire

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I’m not sure this is in the right place so if not I guess it will be moved.


Anyway I run different Ati GFX cards in crossfire, I call it mixed crossfire. The problem I having is finding a way to enter the correct number of GPU’s? If I’m using one 5970 (2xGPU’s) and one 5870 (1xGPU) that’s two GFX cards (only 3xGPU’s) but when I enter two GFX cards then start with the 5970 it always comes up as four GPU’s as I can’t find a way to enter the second GFX card as a 5870? Do I need to inter three GFX cards then use the 5870? That wouldn’t be right as if I’m not mistaken the 5970 is more akin to the 5850 (clocks) than the 5870? When I use one 5970 and two 5870’s (4xGPU’s) then enter three GFX cards the submission indicates three 5970’s?


If I have overlooked something in one of the hardware boxes that will allow me to enter the correct GFX card combination please let me know?

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I just tried it while submiting a 3DMark06 score but I still didn't find a way to post two GFX cards using three GPU's (1x5970+1x5870, 3xGPU's)? I guess I need to research this a little more? Is there a way for me to edit some of my submissions if I find the correct way to select the right GFX card combination?

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