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Have the HWBOT Hardware Index an actual page?

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As above, any chance on having the HHI as an actual page, or being able to view/search the DB in some manner?


Ie, I want to grab some more GPUs to bench for points. As we all know, more subs for cards = more points in it == popular cards are worth the points.


Is there anyway to see a ranking of cards for the number of submissions? As currently, I'm doing this manually, and might be missing some.

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I am not aware of any page that would show that. I assume what you want is a list with the hardware (and global) rankings that generate the most points?


Pretty much, yeah.


A rudamentory way to do it is, looking at the following:

http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_gtx_670/ - 3,740 submissions

http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_gtx_680/ - 6,646 submissions


Find the database table where the number of submissions comes from, export it with the cards name in one column, and the submissions in another.

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